For athletes, parents & coaches who want to be TOUGH, CONFIDENT & AWESOME!

Give your athlete the EDGE they need to win more games & have more fun so they can show up with CONFIDENCE, ENERGY and DRIVE on and BEYOND the field

 Best Season Ever is the only Mental Performance Clinic designed for the entire competitive family.

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2019 Event locations in the Midwest, Northeast, Texas and Florida!

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Buckfield, ME - Tuesday, 9/3
Texas Women's Univ - Saturday, 9/21
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While competing as a Division 1 athlete at her dream school, Jenn's life was unexpectedly turned upside down. On the verge of losing everything, Jenn made a choice to get tough, redefine her identity as a leader and train with the top coaches, leaders and athletes in the world.

Jenn has broken down the secrets of the mentally tough to help YOUR athletes conquer any obstacle and master the mental game so they can win in sports, school, and life!  

At BEST Season EVER Coach Jenn unpacks the most important strategies of top athletes & coaches and gives the ultimate mental toughness game plan to your athletes!

Best Season Ever receives high praise from coaches and parents

“That training was world class! Easy to understand, memorable and fun! I highly recommend for athletes of all ages!”

Head Coach, Coquitlam Classics  Vancouver, British Columbia

"Even as a parent, I used the lessons you taught in my own business. I can't believe how much better my week was because I used what you shared at the clinic."  

Parent,  Attended Best Seas Ever Surrey, BC

“We are so grateful our entire team could attend. We saw an immediate increase in intensity at our very next practice. Our team parents can’t wait to have you back!”

Head Coach Springfield Stars, Illinois 

After attending the Best Season Ever Clinic, I was so inspired and fired up!

I felt like I could conquer the world! I’ve encouraged every young girl I know to attend one of Jenn Starkey's events! When you get the opportunity, make sure you attend this event!

-A.J. Clingerman, World Champion Purple Belt and BJJ Coach


About this clinic:

Discover how you can help your athlete have their BEST SEASON EVER!

At the clinic you will discover:

  • The 3 keys to BUSTING OUT of slumps faster, overcoming physical and Mental obstacles. So your athlete can win more and have more fun.

  • How to create a “Mental Warm-Up” Like the pro’s- to perform your best at every tryout, practice and game.

  • Parents discover “Jedi-Mind Tricks” to use with their athlete to help them step into their greatness on and off the field.

Plus Much, Much More!



What is Confidence and What is TOUGHNESS?

3 years ago... Jenn made this simple video to explain the difference and ever since then the Best Season Ever Clinic has grown year after year. With thousands of young athletes, parents and coaches having attended a local event.

Fast forward to today, Coach Jenn Travels North America -  on a mission to give YOUR Athlete the TOOLS to UNLEASH her own STRENGTH and STAMINA so she can OWN HER GAME.

What do Coaches have to say about "Best Season Ever?" 


Head Coach at Spalding University was shocked at how engaged his college athletes were at Best Season Ever- Mental Performance Clinic. 

Coach Ray from Derby City Crush didn't know what to expect...  Now can't wait to book another one!

Two former college athletes jumped at the opportunity to bring Best Season Ever to Canada to provide mental tools to their entire organization. 

Unedited and Raw - What do the girls have to say? 


"“All age groups will benefit! As a parent, I left there with a wealth of knowledge that I will use day in day out. Please don’t miss out on this great opportunity. “"

Stephanie Hufingle
Stephanie Hufingle Mother from Amarillo, Texas

"“I came here with my 15 and 17 year old older sister’s softball team. I had fun and I learned so much that will help me in Football! Like, I learned that I can keep letting my mistakes bother me or I can use them as fuel. WOO-HOO! I will definately be sharing this with my team.”"

Football Player, 10 Years old

""We have had jenn out two years in a row. A year later and everyone is still asking when is Jenn coming back?! We are re-booking again and we can't wait to make it even BIGGER!""

Missy Coffey
Head Coach and Private Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a non-tradition clinic and no equipment is needed. We suggest dressing in layers just in case we are in a place that is cool or warm, but dress in comfortable clothes. Parents and coaches you may choose to brring an extra pen and notebook to write down any ah-ha’s. Teens will be given everything they need to participate!

A: Definitely. We use sports analogies and while the training is geared towards athletes.
This event will give any teen the tools to build confidence and mental toughness in all areas of life. We would love to have them join us.

YES! Absolutely. This clinic will give your athlete tools but you will be the one to help them through out their season and their life to implement what we teach. Most people don’t realize 80% of mental toughness in athletes actually comes from the conversations and examples from the parents. This clinic will be as fun and helpful for you as a parent as it is for your teens.

Shoot us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Clinics

2019 Event locations in the Midwest, Northeast, Texas and Florida!

Select your city for tickets - Special for TEAMS!


Buckfield, ME - Tuesday, 9/3
Texas Women's Univ - Saturday, 9/21
Please! Let me know when Best Season Ever comes to my area!

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